Will new Hot & Fast recipes work at lower temps?

Hi Bill-
I got your book and am really enjoying reading through it.  I also bought your other book years ago.  I had a quick question for you….  will your recipes and processes from your new book work fine with lower temps?   I only get to compete once a year and it’s gut wrenching to spend all that time trying to do it right only to be at the bottom of the list.  I hope that this will help me make some changes.  I will be doing my “annual” try in march here in my hometown of Bainbridge, GA.  They have a huge contest here so hoping for big things.
thanks again for  your materials!

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  1. Chuck:

    I don’t know why you would want to do that. The quick answer is NO. If you change anything, then you are experimenting and then you get into a whole new area that could take you years and way over $10,000 to figure out. I believe you’ve been there done that.

    The advice in the book is tried and true and the experimenting has been done by me. My best advice to you today is forget everything you ever knew about BBQing. Follow the advice in the book to a T. I mean don’t change anything. Then, after you see how well it works with a few good calls and maybe a grand or two, you can start experimenting a little.

    Note… at a BBQ contest, you’re #1 goal is winning, so you may have to cook a little differently than you normally do at a restaurant or for your family & friends. At a contest, you have to please the judges and that’s it. What you or your friends like means nothing.

    Bill Anderson

    1. Thanks! I worry about being able to crank 350 out of my smoker without burning the stuff up so that was why I was asking.

      I am going to try to run a test cook soon and see if I could maintain the 350.

      Thanks! Chuck

  2. Chuck:

    In that case, you could add 1 hour to the 350 deg step and just stay at 300 deg. Keep everything else the same. You’ll still be conforming to the basic idea that way.

    Bill Anderson

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