Bacon smoked brisket flat

Bacon smoked brisket flat
Prep time
Total time
Choice grade brisket flats like you can get at your local grocery are very hard to keep moist. Injecting with bacon grease is the only way I could keep them moist.
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: American
  • Bacon
  • Warm bacon grease
  • Brisket flat
  • Your favorite rub
  1. Simply inject as much warm bacon grease into the brisket flat as possible. Apply your rub. Use one with not too much sugar. Smoke at 250 deg F until internal meat temp is 195 Deg F. Another thing you can do is lay strips of bacon on top of the brisket while cooking. If you do this, do it after one hour of smoking to allow some bark to develop and get some exposure to smoke. Then lay your bacon on the brisket for 2-3 hours. Remove bacon and eat. You can also use a small rack to lay your bacon on and then just lay the rack on top of the brisket.