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.... to the home of Competition BBQ Secrets 300 Degrees and the 8x Grand Champ Chatham Artillery BBQ Team. Here, you will find barbecue recipes that will teach you how to cook competition quality BBQ from a proven BBQ contest winner.

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The best tip I can give you today is this... when you are looking for barbecue recipes on the web, make sure it is a proven recipe that is championship quality. After all, you want to cook the best BBQ of your life, right? Competition quality BBQ could very well be better than anything you have ever tried before... I have had 80 year old men who have been BBQing all their lives try our barbecue recipes and techniques and proclaim it better than anything they have had to date.

So... stick around and learn the BBQ recipes of the pros! Check out our brand new book, Competition BBQ Secrets 300 Degrees. Or browse the 100's of tips in our BBQ blog. Better yet, register to receive our FREE barbecue newsletter and instantly have access to over 7 years of back issues. Everything barbecue related is covered from roasted pigs to buying the right smoker to making your own rubs to money muscles to smoking turkeys and much, much more!

Above all else, have fun and email me to submit a question in our BBQ advice blog if you need help with a specific topic.

Your Barbecue Coach,
Bill Anderson

P.S. For anybody who wants a fast track to BBQ success, we have a whole set of Barbecue Instruction Videos available to watch online at

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