Wiley’s Championship BBQ book review

Secrets That Old Men Take To Their Grave...

Dear BBQ Friend:

As ya'll know, I don't recommend BBQ cookbooks too often, but when an old school BBQ Pitmaster like Wiley McCrary writes a book, you know it's got to be good!

Wiley has BBQ Sauce running through his veins. He and others like him literally paved the way for the BBQ competition platform we have today. Back then, all you needed was a smoker and an ice chest and if you were fancy, you brought along a 10x10 pop up tent. These days, most competitors have a $15,000 pit and a trailer or RV that cost many 10's of thousands of dollars if not 100's of thousands.

The quality of Wiley's book is top notch. The first thing I noticed when I opened it was that it was ring bound so it lays flat. When you see small details like that, you know for sure Wiley is a consummate professional. And I was not disappointed with the recipes either... of course he gives us his secret recipes for competition Q but he doesn't stop there. Included are recipes from his father, Slick, his childhood family cook Miss Alberta, his catering business partner, Big Jim, his competition mentor Ed Roith, his lovely wife, Janet, and his co-auther, Amy Paige Condon editor of Savannah Magazine.

This cookbook is the story of his life... from his Father's food service business, to his BBQ catering business, to his marriage to Janet, to his competition years, and now to his "retired" years with his BBQ restaurant Wiley's Championship BBQ in Savannah, GA where every customer who walks in is a BBQ Judge!

Remember... I won 8 Grand Championships using Wiley's Better Than Sex sauce (available at www.mohotta.com). Also - his restaurant was recently ranked #4 in the whole country on TripAdvisor. So, I highly recommend Wiley's new book. Get yourself a copy today and start enjoying the many sauce recipes, marinades, rubs, injections, spritz's, meat recipes, seafood recipes, vegetables, side dishes, deserts, and libations.

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie!? Are you kidding me? Getcha some!


Bill Anderson