Weber BBQ

Dear BBQ Friend:

I'm a BBQ expert not a grilling expert - if you don't know the difference, BBQ is low and slow over indirect heat and grilling is hot and weber kettlefast over direct heat. In my book "Competition BBQ Secrets" , I explain that you can slow smoke on just about anything from a Weber kettle BBQ to a propane grill to a traditional offset smoker to a pellet smoker. Just about everybody has a Weber kettle grill in their back yard these days and I like to grill a steak or burgers every now and then like everybody else, but did you know you can slow smoke on a Weber BBQ?

All you have to do is set it up for indirect heat. There are two ways to do that... one way is to put your lit charcoal on both sides of the grill with a water pan in the middle separating your two piles of lit briquettes. You then put your meat in the middle over the water pan. The other way is to put your lit coals only on one side of your Weber BBQ and put your meat on the other side with a water pan underneath. Stick a thermometer through the vent hole in the lid of your Weber BBQ so you can keep tabs on your cooking chamber temperature... that's one secret to great BBQ. You must control your cooking chamber temperature.

The best way to control your temperature on a Weber BBQ is to use the vents on the bottom of your grill - open to make it hotter and close to cool it down. Leave the lid vent all the way open and make sure ashes are not clogging your bottom vents. For extra smoke flavor, soak some wood chips in water for about an hour and just throw some on top of the coals once an hour.

If you are using a gas grill, you can BBQ too! Just light one burner and place your meat on the other side of the grill. Use a smoker box placed directly over the lit burner for real wood smoke flavor. Get "Competition BBQ Secrets" for expert advice on how to cook competition quality BBQ on your Weber in your own back yard. Recipes for mouth watering chicken, ribs, butts, and brisket are included. Our competition BBQ team, Chatham Artillery BBQ,  has 3 Grand Championships for 2009 in Albany GA, Tryon NC, and Greenwood SC, so you know our BBQ recipes are the best!


Bill Anderson