The BBQ Guru for Pit Temperature Control

Dear BBQ Friend:

Who is "The BBQ Guru"? Or you might ask... What is "The BBQ Guru"? This handy little device basically controls the temperature in your smoker and monitors your meat temperature at the same time. bbq guru digiq iiIt consists of the DigiQ II digital controller and a blower fan called the Pit Viper. Ya'll all know that I tell you every chance I get that the #1 reason people cook bad barbecue is because they do not measure their cooking chamber temperature "at the grate" where the meat is. Too many people go by the thermometer in their lid - and that us usually up to 100 deg F off either way. Well, The BBQ Guru and tools like the Maverick ET-732 Dual Probe remote thermometer are two tools that will help you cook better barbecue. In my opinion, accurate temperature readings are absolutely essential to cooking competition quality barbecue. Unlike the Maverick ET-732, the BBQ Guru interfaces with a blower fan and maintains the selected cooking chamber temperature... no more fiddling with vents on your firebox. The digitally controlled blower fan takes care of all that for you.

I installed one of these on my little CharBroil Silver and I must say that it worked pretty good. If your fire is too low, it bbq guru blowerwill bring the cooking chamber temperature up a bit for a short while, but it will not compensate for not enough heat. i.e. It will not keep the proper temperature if your fire is not hot enough. If your fire is too hot, it will quickly close off the air supply and bring the temperature down. So, from my experience, a hotter fire is better than not enough fire and the BBQ Guru will keep your cooking chamber temperature at the exact level you specify. If your fire gets too hot, just squirt a little water on it.

Here are some of the BBQ Guru's other features...

  • Exclusive low and slow ramp down feature (cook and hold) ramps down your pit temperature on rising meat temperature so your meat never overcooks.
  • Degrees in F or C.
  • 32 to 475 deg F range.
  • New adaptive control algorithm learns your pit to control better stability & accuracy.
  • Open lid detect function senses when the pit's lid is open to minimize the temperature disturbance and recover quickly to the set point.
  • Dual probe - one for meat and one for cooking chamber.

So... if you want better control of your smoker, get a BBQ Guru at or for precise pit and meat temperature monitoring, get yourself a Maverick ET-732 in our store at

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Bill Anderson