Help a BBQ Veteran out!...

Dear BBQ Friend: Smokinwilly

I'd like to tell you about a fellow barbecue competitor who has fallen upon some very hard times. He's the toughest man I know –  His name is Carl Williams aka SmokinWilly of the team SmokinWilly Squealers. Jim Burg of Killer B's is pretty tough too (having fought through a pancreatitus problem), but Carl may have him beat by just a tad.

Carl is a Marine and Vietnam Veteran

While on combat missions in Vietnam, he was sprayed with agent orange. He developed Smokinwillyprostrate cancer, went through treatments for that, and it is now in remission. In early 2013 a blood clot took out 95% of his large intestine and he spent 127 days in the hospital. The doctor lost him two times on the operating table. On top of all that, he had a fall and severely crushed his sciatic nerve on his left hip. You can just imaging how much that hurts.

When I saw him at the 2013 Amelia Island contest, he lifted up his shirt to show me his scars. All I have to say is he was all cut up! I could not believe he was competing in a barbecue contest in that condition. I kept asking him if he needed any help and he just politely said "I got it". Let me tell you... barbecue contests are not for the weak and weary - I am completely worn out after a contest and it takes me about a day to recover.

I absolutely could not believe Carl finished that competitionSmokinwilly squealers

Heck, this year he teamed up with the 3 Taxi Guys team and took Reserve Grand at the Big Pig Jig! To be honest with you, after the Amelia Island contest, I did not hear from him for several months and I just figured he had kicked the bucket. Next thing you know, I get an email from him – He's alive! I was sort of surprised! Carl is one tough hombre. He is a champion. And he is a barbecue champion to boot. We should all be thankful we have Veterans like Carl Williams who fought to protect our freedom.

But all these health problems have taken their toll

He had to sell everything he owned including his barbecue equipment to pay the medical bills. His house is currently up for sale so he can get his head Smokinwilly Squealersabove water. Nobody in the barbecue community has offered to help yet, so I thought I would put up this webpage and ask you to help him out. Please share it as much as you can. There are convenient Facebook and other share links at the bottom of this page that will insert your post with image automatically. If everybody donates just a little bit, together we can help Carl get his life back together.

So... please don't go away thinking someone else will help

I'm asking everybody to make a small donation and together it will add up. We are barbecue people and if nothing else, we help each other in times of need. Help a Veteran in need out – Help a fellow barbecue friend out. All donations go directly to Carl's Paypal account and you can donate without opening a Paypal account.

Here's a cool video David Schakett did on the SmokinWilly Squealers Team...

You don't know how much Mary and me appreciate what your doing to help us. Thank you. I forgot to include that I am a service connected disabled Vietnam veteran as a result of the agent orange chemicals sprayed over us in the jungles. I am in remission for Prostate cancer. I've taken the treatments and with God grace, I pray I'll beat it. It happened as a result of being exposed to the Agent Orange chemicals in Vietnam according to the VA. I am really having a hard time with everything going on with me right now. God knows best. God bless you and thank you again!" – Carl Williams

Bill, It looks great to me and everything you said is factual.
We can't thank you enough for doing this for us. You have brought Mary and me both to tears. We all know God works in mysterious ways and you are a God send. Thank you again so much,Carl and Mary


Bill Anderson

P.S. Please share this page with all your barbecue and Veteran friends!