Smoked Meatloaf That is Easy and Melts in Your Mouth

Dear BBQ Friend:

Here's a video I did for you on how to cook smoked meatloaf. What I like about smoked meatloaf is it's easy, it's cheap, it tastes great, and you can "make it your own" by putting just the ingredients that you like into it...

One of the best meatloaves I ever had was at a restaurant down in Daytona. Each slice had a boiled egg in it. What you have to do to recreate this visual masterpiece is to divide your meatlaof into two. In the bottom part, make a trough and place your peeled soft boiled eggs in a line down the middle. meatloaf with eggThen pinch off some meat from the top part and place around the eggs leaving no air pockets. Then finish off the "cap" with the rest of the top part. Then do your smoking/cooking as usual.

Note: You can also place other ingredients inside a meatloaf in this manner. Think asparagus - but don't just plop a handful of asparagus inside a meatloaf - carefully place the asparagus and meat layers about an inch apart to create a stunning presentation when sliced. Scallions, yellow, green, and red bell peppers would work well too.


Bill Anderson