Here's How to do a Roasted Pig on a Spit

Dear BBQ Friend:

My friend Danny Coogle with the Pit Bulls Up in Smoke BBQ Team came to Savannah and did a roasted pig on a spit for a little party kings mountain nc bbq  contestI was having. Danny learned how to roast a pig from his Father and Uncles while growing up in St Croix and Louisianna. And let me tell you... Danny knows how to do it right! Crispy "cracklin" skin, moist, tender, smoky, flavorful meat. Best pig I have ever tasted and that includes Myron Mixon's smoked whole hog. The full video is 1.5 hours long and YouTube has it's limits, so I can only show you a condensed version here. If you want to see the whole video from beginning to end, visit and become a member. This one video alone is well worth the membership price!

Crispy Skin or Cracklin': One thing I want you to pay close attention to in this video is the skin. Most roasted pig skin is inedible. If you slow smoke a pig in a typical smoker, you're going to end up with a roasted pig with skin like shoe leather. Your dog may love the rawhide, but your friends won't! The trick is to bump your heat up a notch or two directly under the pig and hold the pig over the higher heat just long enough so the skin "pops". It will start to bubble, blister, or pop - whatever you want to call it - I call it delicious! Don't hold it in one place too long or it will burn and that's not what you want. Once one area is turned into mouth watering cracklin' move on to another area.

By the way, we competed in our first contest of the season in Kings Mountain, NC that weekend with all the tornados. We were lucky to have escaped the tornados, but we caught a hell of a lot of rain and wind. The Chatham Artillery BBQ Team still managed to win 1st place in chicken and 3rd place in brisket using the techniques at - we finished 3rd place overall.

Here's the roasted pig video...


Bill Anderson