Barbecue Smoker - Southern Yankee

Dear BBQ Friend:

Southern Yankee Barbecue is one of the largest barbecue smoker manufacturers in the world. Most of their barbecue barbecue smokersmokers are rotisseries. Rotisseries produce some great barbecue due to the constant basting of your meat and better air circulation which eliminates hot and cold spots found on most traditional barbecue smokers. What I like about Southern Yankee Barbecue, is they custom build anything from a 3 foot non-rotisserie smoking pit to rotisserie barbecue smokers on wheels to huge concession trailers with complete kitchens ready to start your own barbecue business. And... they'll even help you start your barbecue business not only with great equipment, but with lots of great advice.

Their concession barbecue smokers start around $21,900 - so they are not cheap. They do offer a financing plan though. If you look at what you get for the price, it's not a bad deal at all. Just try to open a barbecue restaurant for $21,900 - I bet it would cost 4x that much! Their rotisserie barbecue smokers are a little more expensive than something like a Lang, but you have to compare apples with apples. Langs are good smokers, but they are not rotisserie smokers. And... if you just want a traditional non-rotisserie barbecue smoker, they have those too at comparable prices to Langs. I encourage you to visit Southern Yankee BBQ and take a look at their vast inventory of models to choose from. And remember... they are all customizable - usually at no extra cost. 

Want a kettle corn machine or a deep fryer installed - no problem! Want a bamboo exterior instead of the famous log cabin look - no problem! There are many options and layouts to choose from... like a screen enclosure, rear fold up ramp, awnings, and generators.For more information on how to use your Southern Yankee barbecue smoker after you get it, read "Competition BBQ Secrets" today!Details and specs on the all Southern Yankee barbecue smokers can be found at...


Bill Anderson