Barbecue Sauces by Ole Ray's

Dear BBQ Friend:

We have been using Ole Ray's barbecue sauces for many years now in BBQ competitions and have won several smaller barbecue competitions and one Reserve Grand Championship in Barnsville, GA using ole ray's saucesOle Ray's barbecue sauces. We mainly use his Apple Cinnamon barbecue sauce on our ribs and let me tell you... they are some great tasting ribs! 

But there are many other flavors of Ole Ray's barbecue sauces... there's the Classic Gold barbecue sauce, the Blackberry Wine barbecue sauce, the Red Delicious Apple/Bourbon barbecue sauce and cooking sauce, the Kentucky Red Bourbon barbecue sauce, the Kentucky Bourbon barbecue sauce. 

And... there's also his rub -  "Rub-it" and a new Bourbon Gourmet Salsa. Did you know that salsa is the #1 selling condiment in the USA? Sounds like a great business to get into. Maybe Ole Ray is smarter than we think!

Ole Ray's barbecue sauces have won many, many awards over the years, but just some of his most recent awards include...

  • 2nd Place Winner 2007 National BBQ Association Barbecue Sauce: Tomato Mild
  • 1st Place Winner 2007 National BBQ Association Barbecue Sauce: Mustard Spicy
  • 1st Place Winner 2007 Golden Chile/Chile Pepper Magazine/Fiery Food Challenge
  • 3rd Place Winner 2007 Nationa BBQ Association Barbecue Sauce: Fruit Mild
  • 1st Place Winner 2007 National BBQ Association: Barbecue Sauce: Fruit Mild
  • 1st Place Winner 2006 America's Best Food Show
  • 3rd Place Winner 2007 National BBQ Association Barbecue Sauce:Mustard Mild

His winnings go all the way back to the year 2000 and are too numerous to list here. Here's a secret from our book "Competition BBQ Secrets"... mix 1/4 cup of honey with 1 cup of Ole Ray's Apple Cinnamon barbecue sauce and use it to glaze your ribs after slow smoking as per the instructions in the book. They will come out tender, juicy, and delicious when using Ole Ray's barbecue sauces. So... to get a step ahead of the other barbecue competitors or just to become the king of your neighborhood, order yourself some Ole Ray's barbecue sauces in our BBQ Store.

And... to read all about how we cook competition quality ribs, chicken, butts, and brisket, get "Competition BBQ Secrets" TODAY!


Bill Anderson