Make Your Own Honey Glazed Ham and $ave a Bundle...

Dear BBQ Friend:

Trying to glaze a ham in your oven or smoker usually results in a thin coat of glaze on the ham and a pan full of melted sugar that didn't stick to your ham. Store bought honey baked hams also have very little glaze on them or they just provide the glaze in a separate package and you have to do it yourself in the oven.

If you go to one of those Honey Baked Ham companies, first of all, you better bring a truck to carry all the money you'll need to buy a ham. They are good, don't get me wrong, but they do cost an arm and a leg. They have two contraptions that they use to create these delicious masterpieces - a spiral slicer and a glazing machine. The spiral slicer usually has a blade sort of like an electric knife or a round circulating blade. The ham is placed vertically in the slicer and the blade moves up as the ham is turned. As for the glazer they use - it's just a huge torch. The closest thing I own to that is one of those brush burners we BBQers use sometimes to start our fires. But you are better off just using your small propane torch.

There's no need to buy an expensive Honey Baked Ham because you can buy spiral sliced hams in your local grocery store these days for around $2/lb. And you can easily smoke it and glaze it yourself. Creating a smoked honey glazed ham masterpiece yourself on the cheap is simple!

Some glaze recipes call for just white sugar - other just brown sugar. Some stores charge $10/lb for a ham glazed with just white sugar. You can glaze the ham yourself and save about $8/lb.

Tip: Wait until just before Easter and the grocery stores will put these hams on sale as a loss leader to get you into their store. After all, if you go to the grocery store, you're not going to buy just a ham - you're going to buy a whole grocery cart full of other stuff too, right?

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So... Here's a method to get a true caramelized honey and brown sugar glaze on your spiral cut ham. It's delicious and easy - give it a try!...


Bill Anderson