Future Legends of BBQ

Dear BBQ Friend:

Note: I don't think this particular contest is still going, but there are contests all over the Country that have Kid's Q contests usually on a Friday before the big contest. Check with your contest reps and participate!

I want to tell you about a cool little KCBS sanctioned contest called the Future Legends of BBQ. It's for kids aged 7-17 only. Too bad because my 2 year old daughter could probably beat them all. After all, she already has 7 Grands in the pro division! If you have children in that age range or know of any kids who would like to participate in this Kids Q event, I highly encourage you to send in the application. The "Legend" Mike Mills will be there and the whole thing was started with the help of Trim Tabb himself. That's two very good reasons to attend right there.

Here's an article that was in the KCBS Bullsheet on the event and a little Trim Tabb & Mike Mills history...


Bill Anderson