Fast Eddy Cookshack FEC100 barbecue smoker

Dear BBQ Friend:

In this article, I want to talk about the Fast Eddy barbecue smoker (Cookshack FEC100). But, in order to do that, I need to give you a little background into one of the best barbecue pitmasters of all time... a guy named Fast Eddy Maurin. Maybe he got that name from his offroad and midget car racing days - I don't know for sure. In addition to being a Kansas City, MO firefighter for many years, he had a love of barbecue. Fast Eddy Maurin has done very well on the competition barbecue circuit. In addition to numerous smaller barbecue competition grand championships, Fast Eddy was the 1998 Jack Daniels Reserve Grand Champion, the 1999 KCBS 4th overall team, 1998 World Pork Expo Champion, 1995 World Pork Expo winner of the pork shoulder category, and in 2000 Fast Eddy won the World Barbecue International Contest Ribs category with a perfect score. Now, I can tell you that is some accomplishment!

Sometime around 1998, Fast Eddy started manufacturing his own barbecue smokers using the skills he learned from his Dad in their fabrication shop. In 2002 Fast Eddy hooked up with Cookshack to manufacture his BBQ smokers for him. And that's how the FEC (Fast Eddy Cookers) line of barbecue smokers was born.

The FEC100 is the most popular Cookshack barbecue smoker on the competition circuit. The "100" stands for the amount of meat it will hold in pounds. As a matter of fact, two of the last 3 year's Grand Championship winners at the Jack Daniels Invitational cooked on FEC100's. One cool thing that is fairly new with the Fast Eddy barbecue smokers is the new IQ4 controller. This is the standard controller that Cookshack has been using on their commercial barbecue smokers for a while. It is a "cook and hold by probe" controller. What this means is you can set a cooking chamber temperature and you can set a meat thermometer probe temperature. When the probe reaches a certain internal meat temperature, the controller will go into a holding pattern at a preset temperature which can be higher or lower than your cooking temperature and down to as low as 140 deg F. The controller will maintain the Fast Eddy cooking chamber temperature to within +-5 deg F.

Cookshack also has larger models including the FEC120, FEC300, FEC500, and FEC750 which are rotisserie cookers and therefore do not have the meat probe option.

Of course, if you didn't know it already, the Fast Eddy barbecue smokers are pellet smokers, so they are very easy to operate on those long overnight smokes. And if Fast Eddy Maurin says that pellets are better than real wood, you better take what he says seriously or you may just find yourself sitting in your chair while you watch someone else with a FEC100 walk across the stage to pick up their trophies! For full specs and details, visit Amazon.

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Bill Anderson