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Dear BBQ Friendconfessions of a butcher:

I have a great deal for you... I ran across a great eBook that will save you tons of money at the grocery store. The price of this great eBook is $24.95 but it will save you many times that amount on every trip to the meat department.

This book is simply amazing and is worth many, many times the small price you will pay for your instant download eBook. John tells it all in his eBook. You learn all the dirty little secrets butchers use to squeeze the most money out of their unsuspecting customers. Not only do you learn all their "merchandising" secrets, but you learn all about every cut of meat imaginable. Nothing is left out. He was even a cook in the US Marine Corps and has included some of his favorite recipes in the appendix. 

It's about time that you educated yourself and stop wasting money unnecessarily. I know most of you slow smoking BBQ enthusiasts mainly buy briskets, butts, chicken, and ribs. "Confessions" will help you in buying those meats. But I also know you throw a steak on the grill every now and then too. And what about pot roasts, prime ribs, beef short ribs, flank steaks, porterhouse, and many, many more?

Did you know that the rib eye steak is the same cut of beef as the prime rib or rib steak? Did you know that prime rib and rib steaks are cheaper than the rib eye? No? Then you better download this eBook before your next trip to the grocery store! All the different cuts of meat are described with cheaper alternatives listed so you'll save money. Often the cheaper alternative is the same cut of meat - just packaged and cut a little just a little differently. Beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and veal are all covered...


It's early in the morning. The sun is still hours from rising, and the day's mischief is being planned. There will be hundreds of people coming through the doors with money in their pockets, and it is our job to separate them from as much of it as possible. There is nothing new to what we do. Our skills of legal larceny have been handed down through several generations, and with each generation comes a more refined and sophisticated approach to what we like to call "merchandising." A cutting list is made, and the traps are soon in place. The meat aisle quickly fills with consumers. They walk up and down the meat case bewildered and confused. They sometimes ask the butcher for help and, with a smile, he swiftly guides them to a profit spot. Or they strike out on their own in their confused state and make a selection. Either way, they're ours. We've got them right where we want them. 

We are not bad guys—most of us are quite friendly and approachable. We try to help you find what you want, but the merchandising schemes are so entrenched that we don't even recognize the larceny in our own actions. In fact, butchers often fall into their own traps. Many times I have seen a fellow meat cutter pay the full amount for an overpriced, overmerchandised cut of meat when, if he would have given it some thought, he could have come up with an alternative for a lot less money. There is no need to spend the kind of money for meat that most of us do. 

In the early days of the retail meat markets, there were only a few basic cuts of meat. Now there are hundreds. Where have they come from? When we merchandise a cut of meat, it means we cut it into as many different shapes and sizes as we possibly can. Then we convince you, the consumer, that you need just this cut of meat in just these proportions and dimensions for the dish you are preparing. Nothing else will do! Of course, it's gonna cost ya! Hee! Hee! Oh what fun we have had—at your expense, of course. 

After 31 years of fleecing the public, I wish to come clean. In this book, I will expose virtually every merchandising scheme in the retail meat industry. I will show you, the consumer, how to circumvent the merchandising traps. I will show you how to get that quality cut of meat you want, for your specific application, for a lot less money.

Just a few of the many great reviews this eBook has received...

"When John's book came along, I was a very frugal meat shopper 
already, but I was surprised at what I didn't know. The 
part about roasting chickens being bigger frying chickens, 
made me feel like an idiot . . . I'd been duped (again!) by the 
system, so I really studied the book. I can tell you that it's 
saved me many, many dollars over the last few years." 
– Pat Veretto, Guide to Frugal Living at

"Confessions of a Butcher is a handy book written by an 
experienced butcher. The author, John Smith, shares inside 
secrets from the butcher shop as he shows the consumer how 
to find great meat deals. Learn how to find the best deals on 
beef, turkeys, pork, and other meats. Meat purchases generally 
add greatly to the average family's grocery bill. This book, 
Confessions of a Butcher, includes many money-saving tips 
that add variety to the dinner menu. John Smith writes with 
the experience of over 30 years in the meat industry. His book 
is not only informative, but his humorous comments add extra 
interest." – Carolyn Carlisle,

"Usually the best information is found on the inside. From 
people who work with an item on a daily basis and really 
know the facts. That's definitely true of Confessions of a 
Butcher by John Smith. Not only does John know meat, he 
knows how you can save money without giving up taste or 
quality. If you want to save and still eat well, Confessions of 
a Butcher is a must read . . . my favorite butcher." 
– Gary, The Dollar


The Confession 1 
Beef – A Few Words About Merchandising 5 
Beef – Quality Steaks for Broiling or Grilling 7 
Beef – Steaks for Swissing and Tenderizing 19 
Beef – Roasts 23 
Beef – Ribs 32 
Beef – Miscellaneous Cuts 35 
Beef – Ground Beef 40 
Pork – Chops and Steaks 43 
Pork – Roasts 49 
Pork – Ribs 54 
Pork – Miscellaneous 56 
Lamb and Veal 59 
Chicken 61 
Tips 65 
Index 69 
Glossary 71 

Appendix – Additional Articles and Recipes 

Talking Turkey 
What To Do with the Leftover Turkey 
John's Very Own Turkey Enchiladas 
Turkey Pot Pie "Bachelor Style" 
Totally Awesome Chili 
John's Awesome Way Good Cheap Chili 
Cheap and Easy Meat Loaf 
Marine Corps Railroad-Style Barbecue Sauce 
Way Easy and Way Delectable Ribs 
Tools of the Trade 
Butcher Etiquette

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