How to cook better burgers outdoors without flareups...

Dear BBQ Friend:

A lot of you love grilling burgers and not just BBQing. My recent experience with Grill Grates has driven me to write this article on how to cook better burgers. I'm just going to give you a few tips on how to cook the burgers after you make them and not a whole lot on making fancy stuffed burgers or anything like that. I personally like a simple burger made with ground beef and a little salt and pepper. If I feel like getting fancy, all I do is add a little Vidalia onion or a packet of French onion soup mix.

Note: If you have not seen the Grill Grates video I did, you can watch it here...

But what I really want to teach you today is how NOT to burn your burgers. I really didn't even realize all these years that I was burning/charring the outside of my burgers. It wasn't until I did that Grill Grates Video showing before and after shots when using Grill Grates that I realized the burgers were basically burnt. The before and after taste test revealed the unfortunate truth. It's like I have been telling people for 10 years... how would you know that your BBQ is just average unless you have tasted competition quality BBQ? better burgerI wish more people would realize this. Most people think that since they have been cooking hamburgers (or BBQing) for 30 years and they have not gotten any complaints, then they must be cooking the best burgers in the world, right? Sorry folks, it doesn't work that way - most people are just too nice to criticize your fabulous grilling skills and to be honest, they don't know any better. Or should I say, they don't know that it could be better!

I've been grilling burgers for 30 years too, and I just not found out that I can cook a better burger! I'm a 8x BBQ Grand Champ, so if it can happen to me, it can happen to you too.

Here's some tips...

1) Use Grill Grates if you can to prevent flareups. The grease drippings which cause flareups are your enemy when grilling.

2) If you can't use Grill Grates , try to avoid cooking your burgers over the flames. Have enough cooking area on your grill. If one area starts to flare up, move your burgers to another area for a while. Cook in batches if you have to.

3) Try to avoid burning and the bad smoke from the flareups. Some people say that the carcinogens are in the smoke from the burning grease which gets on your burgers and causes them to taste burnt. All this is eliminated with Grill Grates.

4) Use water as a last resort. Water will spatter and spurt and smoke and get all kinds of bad smoke, water vapor, and ash on your burgers. Not to mention put your coals out. If you insist on using water, a kid's squirt gun is a nice tool to tame the flame.

5) Keep your lid open. Closing your lid will immediately smother your fire and you'll see a greyish white billowing smoke start to pour out of your vents. That is bad smoke getting all over your otherwise tasty burgers.

6) All those BBQ gurus on TV tell you to only flip once. I say flip as much as you need to in order to prevent the outside of your meats from burning and at the same time cook to your desired doneness. It's just common sense. Why sit there and watch your burgers or steaks burn just because some TV guru said it was "the way to do it"? I usually flip 3 times so each surface is getting heat twice.

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Bill Anderson