Smoked Beef Tenderloin Recipe (Jellyroll Cut)

BBQ Friend:

I think I outdid myself this time! This is one good recipe for a jellyroll cut smoked beef tenderloin! It may very well be the best smoked meat I’ve ever cooked. And you know I have smoked some pretty good meats. So hearing that from an 8x Grand Champ and winner of a roomful of trophies including best brisket in the Country, you know it has to be good. I even liked it better than those reverse sear steaks Finny taught me how to cook and those were the best steaks I ever had.

Not only is this smoked spiral cut beef tenderloin delicious, it is easy and quick to make and it looks fantastic. The jelly roll cut only takes a few minutes. It’s not a tough cut of meat to start with, so you don’t have to smoke it forever (about 2 hours is all). Your guests will love it at your next fancy sit down dinner (Note: you can also use this technique with a pork loin and just use the Apple Cinnamon rub).

Tip: be careful when purchasing your beef tenderloin - you should get a discount when you buy a whole beef tenderloin. You should NOT pay filet mignon prices! A little bit of knowledge goes a long way when purchasing meat - especially when you buy from these large grocery chains these days. They are well trained to maximize profits and let's just say they know some "tricks of the trade" to help ease those bucks out of your wallet and into their cash register. As we all know, filet mignon is one of the highest priced meats in the case. Beef tenderloin is the same cut of meat, but it SHOULD be priced lower. Some butchers will price it the same as filet mignon. It's up to you to check the price/lb and keep them honest. Sam's Club usually has whole beef tenderloin at a discount.

Here's the video on how to do a jellyroll cut with a whole beef tenderloin...


Bill Anderson

Chatham Artillery BBQ Team