How to Submit a Recipe

How to post your first recipe 

Create a new post by clicking “Add New” from the WordPress dashboard Posts Menu (you must register before posting). This will bring you to the WordPress “new post” screen.

Above the edit window are two buttons on the right.  The left button says “Visual” and the right button says “Text.” Make sure you’re using the “Visual” editor and not the “Text” editor.

Begin writing your post – perhaps you’ll describe the recipe or tell a story or add some photos.

Also choose a category for your post and enter some tags to help people when searching. Leave the format selection at “standard” – this is all on the menus on the right side.

When you get to the point in the post where you want the actual recipe to appear, click the “Chef’s Hat” icon on the editor toolbar and the EasyRecipe entry popup will appear. The recipe type is usually “Main” and cuisine is usually “American”. Fill in the fields you want and then upload a photo using the instructions below. Try to make your photos as professional and nice looking as possible.


How to add a photo within a recipe

Make sure the cursor is positioned at the place you want to insert the image (summary, ingredients, or instructions) and click on the image icon on the toolbar at the top right of the recipe popup.


You can then select an image from your existing library, or upload new images. This works exactly the same way as inserting an image on any normal post. Just like the normal image insert, you can optionally specify a link to the fullsize image. Once inserted, the image will show in the recipe popup like:

How to specify the image that shows in google recipe search – Simply click on the “Photo” tab in Easyrecipe and select the image that you want to show in search engine results pages. Usually, it will be the same image you uploaded in the step above.

Important! – Next 2 steps…

  1. Fill in those recipe fields that you want and click the “Add Recipe” button.
  2. Make any other changes to the post and click the WordPress “Submit for Review” button.
  3. Your post and/or recipe will then be approved by the moderator.