Brisket testimonials…

Bill, just wanted you to know That I followed your recipe for smoked brisket today and it turned out to be the best brisket I have ever smoked .  Tender and melt in your mouth, a big hit with my family.  Love your book.  Cathy


I competed in Apopka, Fl. in the Old Florida Out Door Festival. Very bad weather a lot of cold rain. Hard to compete with my stick burner offset smoker. Just wanted to confirm to you that you brisket video was great. I took 2nd in brisket .55 away from first in the Back Yard Division. Up until then I had not finished better than 5th in brisket. Your rub and injection are spot on great. Best tasting brisket I’ve ever had. I’ll be reordering the rub and probably your video on chicken. I finished 7th overall out of 33 teams. 10th pork, 13th ribs and 23rd in chicken. I did struggle with the rain, I was not happy with my ribs and pork, I usually produce a better product and iffy with the chicken. I also have your book Competition BBQ Secrets a lot of good pointers in there as well.

Thanks again,

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