Boston Butt

Boston Butt
Prep time
Total time
This is a quick guide on how to smoke a Boston Butt. Of course, there are more detailed instructions in the eBook on how to cook competition quality pork.
  • Your favorite rub.
  • Boston butt.
  1. Apply your favorite rub.
  2. Place on smoker or grill at 250 deg set up for indirect heat.
  3. Use a temperature probe on a wire like the ones we sell in our BBQ Store at or just use one of those instant read thermometer probes to check for doneness toward the end of the cook.
  4. Boston Butts are done when the internal meat temperature reaches 195 Deg. Just as a guide, they should get done in about 1 to 1.5 hours per lb.
  5. Let rest for 1 hour lightly tented with foil and then pull meat discarding bones and fat.
  6. Toss with some of your favorite sauce and you’re ready to eat.


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