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Dear BBQ Friend:

I just wanted to give a shout out to a couple of great resources for my BBQ business that every BBQ team or BBQ business could use. If you are selling anything from sauces to rubs to catering to a restaurant or just want a great BBQ team banner, Patrick Carlson at is the "man" when it comes to BBQ logo design. Not only can he design a logo for you, he can design entire ads, online banner ads, vinyl banners for your site, etc. And... once you get the design from Patrick, just email it over to Terry McKay at - Not only does Terry own a great graphics business, but he is a BBQ competitor as well. His team name is Git R Smoked BBQ.

What amazes me about both of these companies is that they measure completion time in hours or minutes instead of days! And their prices are great too! Patrick will often send back requests for graphics in less than an hour after I request it! Last time I asked Terry when the job will be done he said he was already printing the banner! You can't go wrong with these guys! Here's some sample of their work and you can see many more examples at their web sites...

Here's my original Chatham Artillery BBQ Team logo...chatham artillery bbq

This is the new logo for

This is the new logo for ....paleoque

This is an ad I ran in the KCBS

This is a design Patrick did and Terry made into a

This is an online banner

Here's another graphic I was going to use for a vinyl wrap on my trailer, but decided against it since I'll probably sell the trailer soon and get something easier for

Go to... 
for more information!


Bill Anderson