Barnesville BBQ Contest - FBA...

Dear BBQ Friend:

We did pretty good at the Barnesville, GA BBQ & Blues Festival last weekend (2006). Using the techniques detailed in our book "Competition BBQ Secrets", we placed 1st in chicken, 2nd in ribs, 2nd in pork, and not very well at all in brisket (I think we did not cook it long enough since the edges were great and the middle part was tough). Oh well... you can't win them all! Overall, we were the Reserve Grand Champions. We won 4 nice trophies and $1300 in prize money. To learn exactly how we did it, just click HERE...

barnesville bbq contest

barnesville bbq contest

chicken turn in box

ribs turn in box

pork turn in box

brisket turn in box

bill anderson pitmaster

barnesville bbq & blues festival

To learn how to cook "Competition Style", CLICK HERE.


Bill Anderson