Our Barbecue Timeline

Originally written in 2009:

Dear BBQ Friend:

As you may know by now, we recently won Grand Champion at the Greenwood, SC Festival of Discovery. That's our 3rd Grand this year! The next contests for us are in Kennesaw, GA and Myrtle Beach, SC. Then we'll do the American Royal and the Degaque event in Talladega, AL. Here's some video and pictures of our Greenwood trip...

The Food Channel was in Greenwood and what they noticed about our team that set us apart from everyone else was our written schedule or barbecue timeline. Most of the other teams were just winging it. Not us... we always have everything planned out in advance down to the minute. I can't even begin to tell you how much easier it makes things at a contest or even in your back yard. Sometimes we even feel guilty because most of the other teams are running around working their ass off and we're sitting around relaxing a good bit of the time. Just casually checking the chart from time to time to see what we have to do next. Our pellet smokers make things easier too. I usually set the alarm on my cell phone so I don't forget that important next step.

So... this month's lesson is "Have a Written Gameplan" when you are barbecuing. Our barbecue timeline has already won us several contests this year and over $10,000 in prize money. Here's the simple chart we use - you can download it with the link at the bottom and fill it out with your own barbecue gameplan. I have filled in the ribs column just as an example. The file is in Microsoft Word format and you should be able to modify it easily. Please do not contact us with questions about how to download and modify a Word file - we teach BBQ not computers!...

barbecue timeline

To download the Microsoft Word document, RIGHT CLICK on the filename and choose the "SAVE TARGET AS" option... bbq-timeline.doc


Bill Anderson