Competition BBQ is better than Barbecue Restaurant food...

Dear BBQ Friend:barbecue restaurant

I know you're probably looking for some pretty good barbecue restaurant food. And, I'll admit, there are some pretty good barbecue restaurants out there. But... did you know that "competition quality BBQ" is better than any other barbecue - including barbecue in restaurants?

I bet you're wondering... where can I get some of that competition quality barbecue that is better than barbecue restaurant food? The first place you can try is at a barbecue contest in your area. Barbecue contests or competitions are where a bunch of BBQ teams get together and cook ribs, butts, chicken, and brisket. They turn in samples and are judged by a group of judges. The judges usually come from one of the barbecue associations like the Florida BBQ Association, the Kansas City BBQ Society, or the Memphis BBQ Association among many others. If you do go to a contest, here's a few tips on how to actually taste some of the barbecue...

  • First of all, you have to understand that the teams are there to compete and not feed the public. They usually only cook enough to feed themselves and the judges and the volunteers.
  • You can ask politely if a team will allow you to sample their barbecue, but don't be upset or surprised if they say "no".
  • If they have a people's choice contest, then participate in that. People's choice will allow you to be the judge and taste several samples from the teams.
  • There may be vendors selling barbecue at the event. Their barbecue is good, but may not be as good as what they would turn in to the judges. BBQ Teams only turn in the best of the best pieces of meat. Barbecue restaurants and vendors have to cook the best barbecue they can quickly to feed their customers. But barbecue restaurant and vendor food is rarely as good as "competition quality BBQ".
  • You can actually become a judge in a contest. It's easier than you think and they always are in need of "volunteers". Just contact the contest organizer or your local barbecue association. It's a great way to learn what great barbecue tastes like too - before you try competing in a contest.
  • You can become a volunteer to help out with the manpower needed to organize a contest. These contests are usually pit on to help a local charity or chamber of commerce.
  • You can also start your own team and actually compete in a contest. It's a little easier to ask a neighbor for help and a "taste" if you are in the contest. Most contests even have a "backyard" division and a "Kid's Q" division for beginners. Read "Competition BBQ Secrets" for more information.
barbecue restaurant

Another way to sink your teeth into some mouth watering, fall off the bone, competition quality BBQ without going to a barbecue restaurant is to slow smoke it yourself in your own back yard! And, guess what... I have all the top secret information you will need in my book "Competition BBQ Secrets". This book gives you all the secret cooking methods that the Chatham Artillery BBQ Team from Savannah, GA uses to slow smoke award winning barbecue. Many teams, including ourselves, have used these techniques to win Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion at contests all around the World. And... you can easily use these techniques in your own back yard on anything from a Weber kettle grill to a propane gas grill to a traditional offset slow smoker. Barbecue restaurant food will never taste as good again!


Bill Anderson