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When we first started to learn how to slow smoke barbecue, we purchased a few books and we scoured the internet for information. barbecue forumWe mainly looked in the barbecue forums for information. The process was slow going and required a lot of expensive trial and error to perfect our slow smoking techniques. The problem with the barbecue forums and barbecue books on the market is that they do not contain all the exact details that you need to barbecue successfully. They were too general or left out important details that we were left to figure out on our own - the hard way.

So, after gathering all the information we could in the barbecue forums, we set out to try some of the techniques on our new Lang Model 60 offset barbecue smoker. To be hones with you, at first our ribs were tough, our chicken had rubbery skin and did not fall off the bone, our butts were bland, and our brisket was tough as shoe leather. Needless to say, the barbecue forums did not help us very much. And just to be clear... we were trying to learn how to slow smoke the best barbecue possible with the intention of entering some barbecue competitions and winning.

Well... after a couple of years of competing with somewhat success in the individual four categories - chicken, pork butts, ribs, and brisket, we finally won our first reserve grand championship in Barnsville, GA. Our team name is Chatham Artillery BBQ and the year was 2006. So... if you want to learn the long, expensive, and hard way by reading the barbecue forums, I have listed some of the more popular ones below.

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