BBQ Affiliate Program - Pays 75%

If you are not familiar with affiliate programs, it's real simple... basically, a company called Clickbank administers our barbecue affiliate program. i.e. they take care of all payment processing, commission payments, etc. The products are eBooks that are instantly downloaded after payment is made. It's FREE to become a Clickbank affiliate and they have over 10,000 downloadable products to choose from or sell. To browse Clickbank's many products and join up, click HERE. To go directly to the Clickbank affiliate signup page, click HERE.

If you are already a Clickbank affiliate or you just joined, here are some tools to help you start selling "Competition BBQ Secrets" and earn a 75% commission for each sale...

First of all, the link that you will put on your web site will have the following format... (of course, you would replace "AFFILIATE" with your Clickbank nickname - don't change anything else like the "."s or slashes)

Or you could use the linkbuilding tool in the Clickbank marketplace.

You can link the Clickbank "hoplink" to text on your web site, a banner ad or other graphic, or you can use the hoplink in a classified ad or maybe even something like a Google Adwords ad or Overture ad (for a great tip, see the bottom of this page).

Below are some examples that you can use. Just "cut and paste" the text into your site or "right click" on the banner ad of your choice and save it to your hard drive for later insertion into your web page. Some of the banner ads are animated. So... if you don't see the animations, try turning off your web accelerator/graphics compression software and reloading this page (press Ctrl then reload to force a reload from the web and not your cache). Of course, no spamming is allowed...

Sample email:

Dear BBQ Friend:

I just finished a good book on cooking competition quality barbecue entitled "Competition BBQ Secrets". It's one of the few books around that give you ALL the details on how to slow smoke ribs, chicken, butts, and brisket. Important information like times and temperatures are not left to chance. Included also are chapters on fire management, wood selection, rubs, brines, marinades, sauces, turkey, and much more! I highly recommend that you add this book to your barbecue library. Many Grand Champions, Reserve Grand Champions, and Backyard Kings have been created by reading this valuable instruction manual. For all the details, visit the link below...



Text ad 1:

Your BBQ Sucks! Learn how slow smoke meats right... mouth watering competition style. Ribs, pork, brisket, and chicken. Instant download eBook and FREE BBQ newsletter. Click HERE.

Text Ad 2:

Competition BBQ Secrets... Learn how to slow smoke meats like the pro's. Did you know that "competition quality" ribs are better than any rib you can get in a restaurant? No? Then you better read this. Click HERE.

Banner Ads - just right click on them and then choose "save as" to save them to your computer and them upload them to your site or ad platform...

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