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These are real testimonials from readers of "Competition BBQ Secrets". And there are lots more where these came from...

"Thx Bill, You are awesome, not only do you provide a great book on Q but, you also provide great service after the sale. I got it figured out now and I am currently printing it off so I can get started Q-ing and making notes all over it as I have your last e-book. Thx again for your help. - Blake E."

eBay - Quick response - just in time for next bbq cookoff & won 1st THANKS!
  I read the book once and outcooked anything I have ever cooked before.
  Super fast shipping! Good book! Buy from this seller!!!
  Overall, nothing but positive
  I like the book, but now Im getting fatter by the minute
  Very fast shipping hard to put this book down so far a lot of good info

Thank you Bill for the wonderful insight into great BBQ.  Even though I have been smoking and grilling for years, my family has been impressed with the recent improvement in my BBQ (I did not tell them about your book ;)  This is a perfect resource for anyone interested in quality BBQ, whether you're into competition or not.  It is so satisfying to be able to do something I love to do AND get the results that I desire.  The first thing I cooked after reading your book was spareribs, and for me that alone was worth the price of the book.

Thanks again and best of luck,
Michael Mayo

Hi, I just wanted to tell you what a great book this is. I have been trying for years to make pulled pork and ribs as good as what I made today. The food literally melted in your mouth and the taste was like nothing i have had at any restaurant. I got your book on Thursday in the mail and decided that today was going to be a new beginning in my attempt to master BBQ. I followed your instructions word for word and all I can say is WOW! My family was so impressed with my ribs and pork that they thought I may have went and bought it at one of our local BBQ stands. Thank you so very much for making me feel like a true Pit Master ( at least in Shillington, PA. Awesome book, thanks again Matt

"First, I want to thank you for the opportunity to review your new book 'Competition BBQ Secrets 300* Hot & Fast'. Let me say to anyone that is interested in entering into barbecue competitions or that may already be competing, this is a must read book. Bill hasn't left any stoned unturned when explaining all the 'How To's' and 'What not to do' in competition barbecue. If your having difficulties with any of your categories, let me tell you, reading his book will, without a doubt improve your competition BBQ scores. He not only cover's competition barbecue, he addresses a wide array of ancillary items that you will love and I'm sure will enhance your cooking skills. Mary and I have known Bill and his family for a long time and he is a proven winner when it comes to competing with all the top Pro's on the BBQ circuit. He has won countless awards competing against some of the best BBQ professionals in the world. Bill not only writes books and other literature to help backyard and Professional BBQ teams, he will help anyone who ask him for advice. I value the help he has given me and very proud to call Bill my BBQ brother!......Smokinwilly!"


Thank you for the compliment, and the techniques I have learnt in watching your video's and from your book(I brought a couple years ago), was very helpful to me as a bar-b-que cooker. I would like to met you in person. I was at Abany, Ga. last year but was unaware you were there, until I returned home. Do you plan to cook any FBA contest this year.

Sincere Thanks
Lenard Cook Of Cook's Portable Smokehouse
Grand Champion 2010 Starke, FL with highest ever brisket score in FBA history!

"Great book. Very informative for those not only wanting to begin competing in BBQ but for the general home BBQ'r as well. - Michael M."

Hi Bill,

Just a note to say thank you for the knowledge I picked up from your book! With the information I received from you on doing Ribs properly including finishing them, and correct trimming, using my recipes for my rub and BBQ sauce (which is similar to the ones you have in your book (surprisingly, very close) the first weekend I put the Ribs out we have "SOLD OUT"! Everybody is raving about them.

I wanted to tell you this and if you would like to use it to promote you book and knowledge feel free to do so... I was always OK at doing them now everybody here wants me to compete at our local events (which I don't have the time to do right now with the restaurant still growing.

I do have another question for you, I have been asked to smoke some Beef Ribs, Have you done any and do I use the same rubs and sauce and do you have any additional tips for me?


Regards Terry Loomis
Terrys Restaurant - Medford, Oregon

"Hi bill - I spent hours reading your book from front to back all in one afternoon. I was very happy with all the new up to date info in this new book. What's nice about this book is you don't have to be a pro bbq'er to understand the step by step info to win a cook off. If your new to bbqing as some are. You can get this book and follow it to the tee and win the first time out. i don't know of any other book that can do that for you. this book is a must get. great job bill cant wait until your next book comes out. - jim m."


My husband makes some really incredible BBQ sauce that he wants to bottle and sell. We figured...what better way to get the word out about his sauce, than by entering BBQ competitions.

We bought a $37 Brinkman smoker and cooked some chicken on it a few times and it came out really good.

We heard about a BBQ competition only an hour from our the day before the event we decided to enter it. We had to turn in chicken and ribs...and we'd never even cooked ribs on a smoker before.

So the day before the event I purchased your e-book and read the entire thing. It was full of really great information!

The next day at the event, the meat expector came around to check out meat. He looked at our ribs and said..."Oh you cut them St. Louis style. Looks good." We felt like we actually knew what we were doing thanks to your book.

While we used our own sauce and rub recipes, your book was invaluable when it came to how we timed the entire day. We wrote out a time line of exactly what to do when, all according to your book. There were 61 teams in the compeition and many of them had huge rigs and matching t-shirts and what not. We just kept reminding's not the size of your rig, but the taste of your meat.

It came time to announce the winners. As they were calling out the place finishers for chicken....10th, 9th, 8th, 7th...the lower they got, the more we realized we weren't going to take a place. Then they got to 1st place chicken....Team Moo Mouton! We were shocked and ecstatic. Our chicken beat out 60 teams and this was our first competition! Next it was ribs..10th, 9th...8th place ribs...Team Moo Mouton. Again we were shocked. I think if the other teams knew that what we turned in was our first ever ribs cooked on a smoker they would be shocked too! Then it was time to announce the Grand Champion...yep, you guessed it...Team Moo Mouton!!!!

We are now, of course, hooked on BBQ competitions!

I just wanted to tell you that your book was apparently spot on! Great work and well worth the money!

Team Moo Mouton
1st Place Chicken - 2009 Smokin' Blues & BBQ Backyard Boogie
8th Place Ribs - 2009 Smokin' Blues & BBQ Backyard Boogie
Grand Champion - 2009 Smokin' Blues & BBQ Backyard Boogie

"This is a VERY thorough book, and is written VERY well. You go into greater details in area’s that I haven’t seen before (but have often questioned) in all the other BBQ literature that I’ve collected. The how-to sections on the different types of smokers, and then the details about the wood to use, is very helpful. I will have to try those recipes then as well! - Ken H."


I have been doing competitive BBQ cookoffs for 5 years around Austin. I have a shelf full of cookbooks and your e-book is by far the best I own. I use the rib recipe to the letter and have had great success with it. Last week I tied for 1st in ribs at the Hays County Fair in Texas. That qualifies me for the national BBQ cook-off in Meridian, Texas next week. I have also won in 2 other major contests following your recipe in the past year.

As an aside - I have been cooking the super-trimmed briskets lately. They are not less tender, juicy, etc than cooking a whole brisket. A lot less cooking space too! Since we only turn in 7-9 slices, sort of makes sense.

PS - I always had trouble with ribs until I read your e-book.

Dave Bliss


Thanks for the book guys. The first contest I entered after reading your book I took 1st in ribs. Are there going to be a book 2 ? Or some updates for your favorite customers (lmao). look forward to hearing from you,"

Thanks, KC

Well I’ll be! After three years of cook-offs, one trophy here, one trophy there. I bought your book, I read the dang thing at least five times. This past week-end, the Family Tradition cookers took reserve grand champs for the first time. IBCA cook in Willis Texas, 2nd chicken, 3rd ribs (highest ever), 9th in brisket. I look forward to your next email and any new books and recipes.

Thanks a bunch.

Just wanted to let you know what I bought your book a couple of weeks ago and we did a competition on November 9/10. We placed 4th in Wings, 2nd in shoulder/bb, and 3rd in From the Water Category. We used your book to the letter. Word for word, step by step... I understand and thanks for the reply email too… I forgot to mentioned the most important award too… After it was all said and done, and the judges tallied up everyone’s score, I walked away with GRAND CHAMPION. I hope to have them uploaded to my site this evening. Not to mention the fact that I walked away with a 1200.00 Bubba Grill as the reward. Sorry for not mentioning that."


Thanks for the recipe in the book! We took first place in brisket and grand champions overall. It was a smaller contest with only 17 teams but it was a state qualifier and our scores were good. So if your hesitant to buy the ebook, don’t be. The brisket method makes it worth it. We’ve screwed up many a briskets in the last year, and this method is as close to foolproof as you can get!"

Thanks again!
Doug - Reservoir Hogs BBQ


Wanted to let you know that your book is wonderfull , so much info. We used some of your suggestions along with our ideas and were grand champions at our 1st BBQ cookoff. Everyone should get your book--packed full of info.

Tom Mashos Fossil, Oregon-- Smok'n Hot BBQ Team


Have a very important question for you. Have your book and is very informative. Have entered 2 cook offs and placed 1st in pork in the 1st. We placed 2nd in Ribs by a coin toss and 3rd in Butts by a coin toss in the 2nd cook off we entered. Should have checked those coins.

However, I am interested in purchasing a larger smoker. I see you have a Lang based on the pictures. I am leaning toward that but I also see a 60 inch by Diamond Plate Products with lots of add ons. If you are familiar with each, which do you recommend? The 2nd cook off I was in had a person in it with a Diamond. He did not place but the unit was impressive. However, I like the reverse flow of the Lang.

I would appreciate any input you can give me on my decision..


Here's what our eBay customers have to say...

GREAT EBAYER!!!! very good tips, decent people to deal with.this is some thing special ,thanks. This is the best bbq book written. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!!!!

Great item. Smooth transaction. As described. Highly recommend. Reliable Good info, Cant wait to try out the tips!!!

Fast reply, great customer service! recieved the book just fine, can't wait to read... thank you nice book AAA+++++++++++++++ great product very quick delivery completely satisfied fast shipping A++++++++++++++seller very smooth and easy transaction GREAT INFO. Outstanding E-Bayer This E-Bayer gets TWO THUMBS UP! THANKS!!!!!!! Quick Delivery. Item just as advertised! Bid with confidence!

Just wanted to let you know how relieved I am to finally read something about competition bbq that is informative and gives actual guidance on how to produce real bbq. I bought your book yesterday and have already read the entire book and I will read it several more times to pick up on tips that you have provided. I will be entering my first competition in a few months and your book gives me the confidence I need to take the first step in the competition world. Please, please let me know if you publish anymore literature on competition bbq or if you make any kind of instructive video because you guys definately are passing on great information and not a bunch of recipes and BS. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful knowledge on competition bbq.

Roger Adair
Roseville, CA


Thanks for answering my question. I just finished reading the entire book today and it is awesome! It contains so many details and tips I've never heard before - I am totally pleased. It is the most informative BBQ book I have ever purchased.

You're book rocks!

Best Regards,
Victor Scherer
Draper, Utah

Hi Bill,

I recently purchased your book and tried cooking chicken for a family get together last weekend. I had given up barbequing chicken many years ago because I could never cook it properly - usually burning the outside and drying up the inside. Although I like to barbeque, after reading your book, I realize that I have been "grilling" my meat and not smoking it. I must add that this was a new concept to me and frankly, I don't know anyone living in my community that uses this technique. Certainly none of my guests had ever tasted chicken that had been smoked with indirect heat.

Well, all I can say is that on my first try - the chicken was terrific and a great success. Goodbye to dried up and burnt chicken! The combination of sweet glaze and hot spices was delicious. All the family loved it and my 17 year old son, not even realizing that I had cooked it, said this was the best chicken he had ever eaten. Congratulations on a great cook book - I can't wait to try the ribs.

Dana Rath
Montreal, Canada

Re: Ian - Thanks for subscribing to BBQ News...

Your welcome. Best money I~ve spent in a long time. I made the chicken the other night and gained a whole new level of respect from my wife and kids. They look at me differently now.

Thanks again, Ian

Howdy! my name is Alan smith. I am cheif cook on the Pit Crew BBQ cook off team in Buda Texas-thats close to austin texas. In march of 2006 a friend let me read a bbq book that he had just recieved as a gift.One week later the town of Buda had a lions club cook off . Me and my wife and my 13yr old son and 10 yr old son borrowed a small pipe pit. We all loved every thing about cooking and the compition. There was 84 entered in brisket-pork ribs - chicken .Well we placed 3rd in ribs 4th in chicken 7th in brisket. No money but a real nice 3rd place trophey in ribs . I will have saythanks! because it was your bbq book . So now i have built my own pit its 7ft long i put it on 20ft trailer 3ft wall around it with a top and stainless tables Every things bigger in texas wright well its2nd cook off time.We went to the buda fire fest.58 teams was there.We took first place in pork ribs first place in open pork and 3rd place in texas red chilly .Well we are hooked thanks for all the pictures web site and great tips.

thanks again !
pit crew bbq

Hey Bill,

Did a fairly good sized brisket last night following your instructions. 10 hours on the Big Green Egg and I'll be danged if that thing didn't turn out moist, tender, and textured just right to pull apart the slices in your fingers. No other brisket method has even come close. Nice work my friend!

By the by, how do you like your Lang smoker? We've got a line on a 60 and an 84, and I'm chomping at the bit.


Bought your book a couple of years ago, and just entered my first contest 2 weeks ago, a small contest in Milbank SD. 18 Teams they all were all competitive teams and me with my little $150 smoker, I followed everything in your book to the letter, and advice from your news letters and took 1st in Ribs and Grand Champion.

Thanks for everything


Thanks to you and the cooking tips offered in your book, I placed 2nd in brisket and 6th in butt in Durango's July 4 KCBS event against some pretty stiff competiton.

My chicken and ribs were middle of the pack so I need to work on those.




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