Honey Glazed Ham...

Dear BBQ Friend:

Trying to glaze a ham in your oven or smoker usually results in a thin coat of glaze on the ham and a pan full of melted sugar that didn't stick to your ham. Store bought honey baked hams also have very little glaze on them or they just provide the glaze in a separate package and you have to do it yourself in the oven.

Some glaze recipes call for just white sugar - other just brown sugar. Some stores charge $10/lb for a ham glazed with just white sugar. You can glaze the ham yourself and save about $8/lb.

For instructions on how to cook or reheat your ham, visit http://bbq-book.com/smoked-ham/

So... Here's a method to get a true caramelized honey and brown sugar glaze on your spiral cut ham. It's delicious and easy - give it a try!...


Bill Anderson