Beef Tenderloin - Jellyroll Cut

BBQ Friend:

I think I outdid myself this time! This is one good recipe! It may very well be the best smoked meat I’ve ever cooked. And you know I have smoked some pretty good meats. So hearing that from an 8x Grand Champ and winner of a roomful of trophies including best brisket in the Country, you know it has to be good. I even liked it better than those reverse sear steaks Finny taught me how to cook and those were the best steaks I ever had.

Not only is this smoked spiral cut beef tenderloin delicious, it is easy and quick to make and it looks fantastic. The jelly roll cut only takes a few minutes. It’s not a tough cut of meat to start with, so you don’t have to smoke it forever (about 2 hours is all). Your guests will love it at your next fancy sit down dinner (Note: you can also use this technique with a pork loin and just use the Apple Cinnamon rub)...


Bill Anderson

Chatham Artillery BBQ Team